Psychologists tell us that these are the questions you should ask to really get to know someone, so here goes:


Q: What is your earliest memory?


Marianne: Remembering my parents putting eggs from the fridge in a giant nest I'd made from the grass cuttings. I questioned it for years but still thought hmmmm, maybe?

Paul: Bundling into the back of my mums car with my brother and going off for an adventure.


Q: Whats your biggest fear?


Paul: Snakes! They're weird, they don't have legs and they can kill you! Enough said. 

Marianne: Haha, I know, we slept outside in Sri Lanka and he made us stamp really loud when we walked across the garden to bed so it would scare them away, Yes, they must have been so scared! Me, I am scared of spiders (what a pair, I will sort the snakes he can do the spiders) and cotton wool - Not a fear as such but it makes my teeth go argh. 


Q: What do you value in a partner?


Paul: Honesty and her laughing making abilities.

Marianne: .... Yes and someone that eats your food!........He made me try pigs tongue (sorry vegetarians out there.) Mine's simple - Someone that makes you smile everyday and always sees the best in you. 


Q: Relaxation is?


Paul: Cooking. 

Marianne: Washing up (after his cooking) Walking - We are big walkers and now as we are older (smiling) we also enjoy shopping for the required attire - Last year I obtained my first pair of walking boots and waterproof jacket! I would have cringed at this ten years ago!


Q: What are you best at?


Think we will answer for each other


Paul: .....(big pause) Caring about her brides and making them look fabulous on their big day, it really impresses me. Her Social Media skills which i don't possess, making cakes and always looking at things in a positive way.

Marianne: He's best at group shots - He tells me all the time? He's always calm in crazy situations, can read maps and use a compass when I still have to say that rhyme (Never, Eat, Shredded, Wheat) just to remember my N, S, E and West, He's a scout leader which I just love, He always knows what to say, He's kind and old fashion gentlemanly like. He also never moans when I want to have another picnic or walk around another stately home. He cooks amazing food! 


Q: Who are you closest to?

Paul: To you

Marianne: Me?! (girlie ahhhh) I am to you too. 

Q: Describe the last time you remember feeling really happy?

Paul: At the last wedding we shot together 

Marianne: Us dancing to the radio in the kitchen last night. My dancing is so much better than yours 

Paul: (Coughs)


Q: Whats your biggest regret?


Paul: Selling my Land Rover.

Marianne: Yes, thats a big regret, I would have loved that car. Mine would be selling my rare automatic yellow Mini for a tiny amount when I was at college. It was called 'Colman's Mini mustard' argh, I cried seeing it being driven off. However it could be a nightmare - we saw three AA men in one day in that car! 


Q: Whats the one thing you would change about your life?

Marianne: Ooooooh we would buy a VW Transporter. This is one of our dreams to bundle the kids and dog in the back and drive around Europe.

Paul: We havent got kids or a dog yet!

Marianne: Yes, but we will! We could get a dog tomorrow!

Paul: A shed to house my brewery please!


Q: What item cant you live without?

Paul: My 28mm Lens, it's great at weddings when I want to get up close and personal with people. When viewing the photos, It makes you feel as if you're actually there. Oh and double espresso's!

Marianne: Thats so practical, me, A hairband - We both wear spare ones on our wrists! My phone, I am a little obsessed and I have just discovered apps, Apps for everything! I also like to call my Nan everyday as I dont get to see her enough. 


Me.......I've always wanted to do one of those interviews.